Thursday, April 30, 2009

Remodeling Round-up
Ready for the Round Up?

You are probably sick of my remodeling pictures but when you put as much work as we have into this house you are very proud of it! For those of you that are new to my blog- let me bore you. We sold our house in the country and we worked really hard to renovate my parent's house into a two family home. They lived in this great old house that used to be a school.

We took over the back of the house and the right wing. They kept the front and upstairs (minus the right wing). The problem was the right wing was one massive room that needed made into bedrooms. Now if you read some of the story of the house you know that we had already done massive amounts of work on this house. But we were up to the challenge. My vision was to get 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a walk in closet and a hall with laundry room out of this room. I think we did pretty well.

Entrance To Bedrooms

The Original Bathroom

My awesome tile job- yes that's right I did it myself and I'm very prideful.

We have these massively tall windows with beautiful, but pain in the neck, arches.

The boy's room have these great bookshelves.

You can check out this post and this post to see other parts of the house. Now go enjoy some more at the Remodeling Guy.


Jadehollow said...

Awesome job remodeling Kelly! Love the colors you chose for your bedroom .. and rock on laying tile!
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend.

Remodeling Guy said...

Kelly this looks great! What a cool house to begin with and you guys made it even better! Loved your tile work! Loved the words on the wall! And loved the colors in the kids room!

Great work and thanks for showing it off at the Round-Up!


Emily@remodelingthislife said...

Beautiful home, Kelly! I know what you mean about putting so much of yourself into your home. You've done a fabulous job!!

Mrs. Querido said...

One word. WOW! Those rooms are gorgeous and have so much personality too! Love it!

Heather said...

Fantastic! I know you must be proud of all you've accomplished.

Mrs. Jones said...

You are my hero! I have been wanting to learn how to tile. Tell me, was it really hard, or easier than it looks?


Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

What a wonderful house! You did a very nice job on the bathroom floor!!! Everything is really pretty and it seems like a great place to live! I love the colors for the kids!


leigh ann said...

Wow Kelly, it's so beautiful! I love all the colors!! Great job and lots of work,huh?

Is Eight Enough? said...

It's really quite remarkable what you have done with your parent's home! I lok forward to finally seeing it again. Hopefully next year.