Monday, June 08, 2009

Sewing Room Redo

I've been waiting to redo my sewing area until after VBS was over. I couldn't start a project with it looming over me. Now that it is over I went right to work on the room. It is a tiny room. It is actually the mudroom. I love it. It has great windows and a door to the kitchen that can be shut to hide my current mess. The kids use this door to go outside to play. Here are the before pictures.
And here are the after pictures. I painted it the same color as the kitchen and removed the mini-blinds. It is so bright now. I need to find some matching storage containers so I can get rid of that ugly primary colored drawer set! But it's only been 3 days since VBS ended so cut me some slack.

I spray painted the electrical box door with chalkboard paint so I can keep notes on my projects. This room has to store the freezer and the 5- 5 gallon buckets of wheat so that took up some of my space. But at least my fabric is off the floor. I have one more shelf to hang and I should be all set.I've decided not to cover the windows since I love the light. The kids finally have a place for their 10o pairs of flip flops that seem to be everywhere.

The door to the kitchen. It has a romen shade on the inside so I can just shut it and voila- gone.
I can see all of my fabric!I guess now I have to get to untangling all of this ribbon and fringe.


Emily said...

It looks beautiful! Maybe now you will be inspired to teach me how to sew!

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

It looks awesome!!! Love all that fabric and that paint color!!

Tessa said...

Much better! Love it!