Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I'm Having A Good Day

These days my life is characterized by how I feel.  On the days where I've felt horrible, I am in a fog.  I have forgotten to show up at school to serve lunch.  I've forgotten to write important things on the calendar.  

 I've lost paperwork.  I missed more of the Olympics than I have in all of my life because I can't keep my eyes open.  But if I consume huge amounts of this I can survive.

 And I've watched a lot of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. 

Now I think I really could have a shot at Wheel of Fortune but that Jeopardy is for the birds.  I usually change it to Entertainment Tonight because, well, I understand what the heck they're talking about. 

Well yesterday I had a relatively good day.  School went well.  I never got sick. I only chewed 10 pieces of gum and took 12 pills.  Honest.  I came home, early because of "snow", and did all the laundry.  And I made dinner.  Now that is huge. 

Then, mom needed some blog help, and I answered all her questions.  Go Team.

Then I turned on my token Jeopardy- since my blog helping made me miss Wheel of Fortune.  And I got 15 answers correct.  Now to some that is not a big deal but people I'm not that smart.  I have common sense.  I don't recall learning about the Czars of Madagascar's eating rituals or famous lines from powerful Norwegian Vikings.   I can cook you dinner, sew a dress and give good directions.  I even can answer some HTML coding questions but forget the Norwegians.  So to answer 15 questions right and before they answered was shocking to say the least.  Nate was jumping up and down saying "Go Mom!"  Ross rushed in to see what the hype was about and witnessed some of my smarts. 

And before you ask what ails me.  It's that kind of sickness that will be better in 9 months.  And I'm a whopping 9 weeks down. 

It was a good day.  And I needed to relish in it. 


Create in Me said...

Way to go Kelly! You got more done yesterday than I did, exept fpr the fact that I ran 3.25 miles that left me so beat I couldn't do anything else.
Thanks for reading my blog. I have enjoyed yours. You need to come answer some questions for me, and teach me how to sew!

Renee said...

Dear Kelly, congratulations to you! It's not very pleasant to feel the way you are at this time, but lucky that, this too shall pass. Put your feet up, don't even think twice about having a snooze and take good care of yourself. Baby news is always great news. :)

thedomesticfringe said...

Congrats!!! I hope you start feeling better soon.


Candace said...

Congratulations!! I'm happy for you guys!! Hope you feel better SOON!!

Jessica said...

what a good post! made me smile! we love jeopardy! well, not love. but like, i suppose! my husband "has" to watch it if he's not working. . .it's a ritual. sometimes i just want to turn on entertainment tonight and hear the latest celebrity gossip. . .oh well!
congrats again!

Marissa said...

Hooray! I hope you don't stay sick...I can commiserate with you..I just finished that illness myself. I hope yours lasts for much less time than mine did! I'm so very happy for yall!

Is Eight Enough? said...

Kelly, I was elated when I heard from your mum that you were expecting. What a joyous thing is a new baby! Praying for a easy pregnancy.


patty said...

ooooh, mymymy!!
congratulations! :)
i finally blogged aobut our luncheon today and linked to you!

patty said...

ps: i don't have the proper link to your iamanartist website... sorry!

Polly said...

Yay! congratulations!! I hope you feel better soon!

Denise said...

That was funny! :) Go, Kelly, go!

Jessica said...

i'm missing your posts! hope you are feeling well!

Jessica said...

saw you yesterday at wal-mart, but didn't want to holler at you while you were on the phone!!!

hope you are feeling good!