Friday, December 03, 2010

If It's Free, It's For Me

Every year we try to capture a great family photo for our Christmas card.  It isn't always easy, especially with a new baby that is rarely happy.  I usually check out all of the different sites to see who has the best deal and the most different creative cards available!  This year Shutterfly it is!  Have you seen these?

This card is a favorite and maybe a keeper...

 I also love this one...except I really don't like to write...and we are really boring...

 And this one, a real opening impressive!
Now that I've explored all these items I'm so undecided.  Thankfully I've made my Shutterfly photo albums all year long so I won't be behind.

I've also spent 2 days trying to decide on holiday baby announcements and realized that since he is 10 weeks old, most people have seen him and really who does those anymore?  Well actually I do.  And I haven't.  Just sayin'.

I should do Thank You notes.  I have like 20 thank yous to still do for meals and gifts.  The list is on my kitchen cabinet.  I haven't forgot.  Really.  I will send them.

Well I'm off to take some more pictures, surely I can get one decent one before Christmas!  But if you want a really good deal check out this Free Deal from Shutterfly!

 This could take some time...

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