Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It's been a while old friend...

Life has a way of keeping you busy enough to have nothing to say.  Busy enough to miss out on the simpler things in life.  Busy enough to forget to be thankful.  Thankful of your blessings.  In my case life was named Jett.
At least if it has to consume our every waking (and sleeping- or lack of) he's cute. He spent the first three and a half months with colic and now he is just "not content" or in  my words, crabby all the time.  I mean all the time.  He never just sits and observes life.  Nope, not Jett. 

Unlike my other three kiddos who love everything about life.  Jett isn't happy.  Not on the way to the beach.

Not in the condo.

Not at the beach.

Unless you held him like this.

He turned six months while there and we got a brief smile...

before he started again and we threatened to leave him.  *wink*

 So even though my blog has laid dormant for the winter, it is spring and maybe he'll turn a new leaf.  I'm not holding much hope but I can dream.


Nicky said...

I have one like this - unfortunately he is still hard to make happy and gets cranky easy- but gee when he is happy it really counts. I guess some of us just dance to our own beat

Emily Jenkins said...

Welcome back! =)