Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Grateful Journal 365

As we begin a new year again, I am forced to look back at 2012 and remember.  Remember how we started the year with reckless abandon.  With no idea that it would be the very last six months we'd have together.  

I remembered the 300 valentines I made for our small school fundraiser.

I remembered the last spring break we'd celebrate at Myrtle Beach with all ten kiddos. 

I remembered the last Warathon that we will cheer on the fastest 10 year old.

I remembered the first and last Triathlon. 

I remembered camping with the besties.

I remembered the last birthday dinner and passing of the crown.

And after six months of remembering, I am forced to stop.  Stop because what really matters after July 3.  Nothing.  I don't want to remember anything after that day.  I want to keep everything the same.  With our family, friends, and our blessed life. Because before July we were blessed. 

But that is not a true statement.  We are still blessed.  We just have to look for the blessings because our heart hurts, but we are blessed.  And we are grateful.  Grateful for the memories we made in the last six months.  

Grateful we could enjoy birthdays.

Grateful for our school family.

Grateful for our swim family.

Grateful for our sport team family.

Grateful for our camping family.

Grateful for our new Thanksgiving traditions.

Grateful for signatures on artwork.

Grateful for song lyrics that reach your inner soul.

Grateful for tradition.

In the last six months, our family has learned to be grateful for even the smallest detail in our lives.  Grateful for the gifts He bestows.  We have started a journal as a challenge to seek something to be thankful for everyday.  Gifts like shadows from the sun and car line and bedtime stories.  We are calling it Grateful Journal 365.  It will be a reminder of the blessings we CHOSE to be thankful for in 2013.  And the first thing on the list you ask.  We are grateful for the 11 years and one day we had the privilege to have known Nate Parker.


Denise said...

great post. hard post. so grateful for the memories. xxxooo

{edie} said...

you amaze me. your faith, your strength, your willingness to go to the hard places. i love you and pray for you everyday.

Terri said...

What a beautiful idea....a Grateful Journal....I'm going to start one this week! You are one AMAZING lady, Kelly! I pray for you and Travis and your family daily..