Monday, January 07, 2013

now is different

i loved music.  i loved to read.  now is different.  

i took them at surface.  i took them as feel good.  i just heard the beat.  i just heard the tone.  

now is different.  now i soak them into my inner soul.

now everything i read has a deeper meaning.  every song i hear touches me and brings me to my knees.  now i feel the pain the artist felt writing it.  now i feel the beat of their heart. 

now is different.  my heart is different.  more aware of His presence.  more alert.  more sadness.  more joy.

now is different. now i deeply need music.  now i deeply need books.  now i can feel. now i am alive. 

now "forever my God, you're more than enough" by lincoln brewster is true. is real. is my heart.

now "bless the Lord, oh my soul, worship His holy name" by matt redman is my desire.  is my heart.

now "i will rise, when He calls my name, no more sorrow, no more pain" by chris tomlin is what i will do.  is my heart.

now is different.  now is sadness.  now is hope.  now is grace.  now i can give.  now i can receive. 

now i am better.


Denise said...

Wow! Now is different. Now you write from a different place. It is beautiful.

rebecca said...

We love you-- thank you for sharing your heart-- it helps us so much--